Vodcasts and Podcasts

Vodcasts are videos that provide information.These videos can be used to give a tour of a library, provide instructional content, or display other information. This is great for a library setting as we could display videos on how to use our equipment or provide an introduction to our staff and our library.

Podcasts are audio clips that provide information. You can use them for short storytelling or for instructional purposes.



Displayed and Electronic Tutorials

Creating tutorials is a major part of library work. Librarians need to explain to their library users how to operate and properly use library equipment. A great way to do this is to create tutorials. Tutorials can be created electronically and made accessible on a library’s website or they can be printed and displayed for everyone to see.

This is an example of a library tutorial: TV Unit Instructions flyer

This electronic tutorial can be easily uploaded to a library website or printed and handed out to library users.

Sundance Film Forward Miami

I have great news! The Sundance Film Forward is coming to Miami. They will show one of their movies for free at the Main Library in Downtown Miami. All of the movie screenings are free. This looks like it will be a lot of fun.

Sundance Film Forward Miami

Thursday, October 22
Discussion with producer Jason Berman to follow.
Miami-Dade Public Library System, Main Branch 
101 W. Flagler St., Miami, FL 33130

Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week is September 27–October 3!


Libraries everywhere will be showcasing books that have been censored at some point. Countries all over the world including America, have censored or banned certain books for various reasons. Libraries typically display books this week that are no longer censored to show the consequences of censorship.


Florida International University will be hosting an event called Flash Mob Read Outwhich will occur Monday, September 28 at 4pm. Faculty, staff, and students participate in this event by reading their own favorite banned books out loud to groups. This will be followed by a discussion led by one of the school’s reference librarians. It looks like a fun event and I highly recommend it.
Florida International University
11200 SW 8th Street

Miami, FL 33199

Miami Dade College will host discussions about censorship this week lead by staff members and local writers. Here is a list of events and who to contact for more information.
University of Miami will be showcasing banned books all week.
The Wolfsonian Museum will play a documentary about banned literature.

Banned Books Week on Twitter

Miami International Book Fair

It looks like the Miami International Book Fair will be here November 15-22, 2015!

I’m excited. Cindy Crawford (the model), and many new authors will be there to showcase their books. I can’t wait until they officially release the list of showcased authors.

Miami-Dade Public Library System will be represented at a tent and I highly recommend for people stop by. They usually give out bookmarks and a free guide to all of their free programs. I enjoy stopping by just to say ‘hi’ before moving on to the other exhibits. Some of the tents have beautiful paintings on display. A few artists loan their pieces to local libraries to display their work after the book fair ends. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Miami Book Fair

Miami International Book Fair

Miami Book Fair Twitter

Miami Book Fair Facebook

Library Tutorials

I enjoy creating library tutorials for users who are new to a library. Content for these videos could include Locating books in the librarySearch Strategies for Online ArticlesLibrary Databases; etc. Tutorials are a wonderful way in which libraries are able to advertise their services.

YouTube is a great resource for posting library tutorials.

I am currently facing issues with encouraging my school to display our tutorial videos more prominently so we could have more views. I look forward to our students viewing and enjoying these videos. I hope people outside of our school will be able to view and comment on these tutorial videos so we are able to receive feedback. It would be nice to have some ideas for future videos.